How to eat well to be healthy?

To stay healthy, it is not enough to have regular check-ups or to constantly practice certain physical exercises. It is also essential to have an excellent food hygiene. How to eat well to stay healthy? Here are some tips.

Opt for low-calorie density foods

When you want to eat well to be healthy, it is important that you choose foods with low caloric density. Indeed, a caloric density is the amount of calories provided per gram of food. However, too many calories in the body are not at all good for your health. This is why you should choose dishes that will provide you with enough substance and very few calories.
These include soups, salads, fruits, etc. These foods will fill you up quickly. You don’t take too much, which is good for a long life expectancy. Note that eating frugally increases longevity in humans and animals. This should not be overlooked. Also consider consulting a nutritionist to establish a stable and rich diet. When choosing a nutritionist, it is important to opt for a professional who has experience in the field.

Focus on antioxidants

To maintain good health, it is also advisable to favor the consumption of antioxidants. This will help you fight cancer. Indeed, the free radicals that are continuously produced by your body act negatively on your health. It is then necessary to quickly purify them in order to avoid that they accumulate. This cleansing is naturally done through the consumption of antioxidants.
Note that oxidative stress causes transformations of the DNA which increases the risk of cancer. The latter can be mitigated by antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, zinc, copper, polyphenols contained in fruits and vegetables. These allow Cretans who eat mainly vegetables to have excellent health and an incredible longevity.

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